Weingut Giuseppe Campagnola

The Campagnola Winery, a family-managed activity for five generations, is situated in Valgatara, in the small town of Marano di Valpolicella, centre of the “Classic” Valpolicella Area. Today, the Campagnola company cares for vineyards, selects grapes and collaborates actively with more than 50 wine-growers in the most vocational vineyards around Marano di Valpolicella for a total of about 80 hectares. It also has 30 hectares in the Bardolino area, 25 hectares near Mortegliano in Friuli Venezia Giulia and collaborates with wine-growers in the Soave area with about 20 hectares. Wine-making traditions since 1907 in the Marano di Valpolicella valley. Five generations enamoured of land, vineyards and grapes. This was the year when the century-long story began of a wine cellar achieving excellence thanks to the love and passion of its components. A family that has always worked together.