Weingut Alessandro Rivetto

It was my grandfather Ercole who began to learn about the vineyard and the cellar and, before him, my great-grandfather Giovanni; This is how my love and life story began for wine.

Ercole, starting from a deep connection with his territory of origin, was able to transform his father’s intuitions into a drive to explore new production possibilities. But more than anything else, he gave me the pleasure of smiling while working. From him I also learned this: love what I do and do what I love, bringing a smile to those I meet and to those who taste my wine.

That same spirit, stubborn yet light, aware but not serious, is the same that I found in 2012 thanks to my partner Alessandro Bonelli, oenologist, who today takes care of all the technical aspects of the company production. The same that I rediscovered in Mauro Adriano, who joined us bringing in his company his deep knowledge of international markets.

With them I have formed a team that carries on the project of a dream started as a child and continued working for more than twenty years in my professional life: producing wines able to excite telling their origin of fatigue and pleasure, hard work but of inclination to sharing.

That dream, today for us is an exciting exploration of what, year after year, our vineyards can offer. But it is also the challenge we face towards new interlocutors who appreciate our wines in every corner of the world. Because, we are sure, in addition to the vines we like to cultivate the wonder, the true and pure smile that the beauty of our work can give.